Jewels at Home loves to decorate and get creative, but Jewels Knows Genetics as well…

When I am not being Jewels at Home, playing around with paper and paint, I am a genetic counselor working with families that have increased cancer risk based on their family history.

I’ve been collecting and creating some of my own videos to help people learn about inherited risk factors for cancer.

Introduction to Hereditary Cancer

Hereditary cancer and why it is important

MD Anderson video in Spanish

Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Hereditary Colon Cancer 

(From Mayo in Arizona)

Genetic Testing

Understanding positive, negative, and inconclusive genetic test results

Why genetic testing is the most powerful when we pick key people in the family to test

Long-term Follow-up Program

One thought on “Genetics

  1. I think that they all ahve something good to offer, but each have something that I don’t like – either the GC looks awkward, they are too long or I don’t care for the graphics, (MCK one). I think we can pull the best out of each one and film our own, maybe even use some of the CREdIT graphics. I also think we should broaden the discussion to incldue cancer genes in general and not focus on BRCA – I think it should be relatively short, 6-8 minutes max

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