Jewels’ House

Jewels’ House

This is the place we call home.

Front Entry from Jewels' at Home Front Entry: First Impressions Count
Master Bath from Jewels at Home Master Bath: Ensuite with a View
Nursery from Jewels at  Home Baby’s Room: Whimsical Retro Nursery
Powder Room by Jewels at Home Powder Room: Tiny Silver Gem
Laundry space from Jewels at Home Laundry Area: Loads of Charm
   Stairway Makeover: Step by Step
 20130324-163304.jpg Beach-inspired Kids’ Bath
 IMG_3861  The Ultimate Craft Studio
 20140330-181053.jpg  Cool Tween Boy Room

Jewels’ Beach House

My dad bought a vacation home by the water, and I’m putting it together, room by room.

Beach House Dining Room from Jewels at Home Dining Room: Perfectly Mixed Modern Dining Space

6 thoughts on “Jewels’ House

  1. Dear Jewel, I am the editor of a newspaper and manage its website…we do a home section…would love to run some photos of your trays…and get permission
    we can link back to your site and promote your site in our print edition…can you let me know asap
    we cover the ct shoreline

    sue braden

    • Hi Sue, Thanks very much for your message! I’d be honored, as long as it is trays that I’ve made. I also have some posts that link back to other sources, so if those caught your eye, you would have to follow those links back.
      Thanks! Julie

  2. Jewels…I am trying to make a fleece blanket using your “binding” procedure on L’s super hero blankets post..2014. Big are you joining the strips together? I join using the diagonal method and always run out of strips. Not enough length to go around blanket. Are you joking lengths using a vertical seam maybe 5/8ths wide? Please help..this is my second blanket attempt with binding.1st one I cut strips on bias and thought that was why I ran short. Had to recut strips to 4 in wide in stead of 8″ wide but then my double fold binding was only 2 ” ( 1″ showing on either side of blanket). It worked but really wanted to follow your look..any help?

    • Hi Julie, sorry you’re having trouble with it! Yes, I did join them with straight edges. Because all of the lines are straight without curves, it’s not necessary to have bias binding and I didn’t find the joint too bulky. You could always cut the blankets a little bit smaller or use a bit more binding fabric if it doesn’t seem long enough. Hope third time’s a charm!

  3. I am going to make 3 sew a growth Chart for my Great Grandsons. I need information on where to buy twill fabric. I have never used it.

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