image2There are many sides to each of us – for me, there is my family – my wonderful hubby and three little boys, a rewarding career in healthcare… and then there’s “Jewels” at home. At home, I love to design and decorate our spaces, create small and large projects with a unique handmade touch, and create an environment that nurtures the development of our family.

I’ve been doing projects around the house for as long as I can remember.  My sister and I grew up watching and learning from my mom.  It made me believe that you can make anything you dream, and things made by hand come from the heart.

How did the Jewels at Home blog get started? Well, a few years ago, as my hubby was approaching a milestone birthday, he decided to pursue two goals that he had wanted to accomplish for a long time: 1) run a marathon (admirable) and 2) grow his hair long (questionable). With my birthday following close behind, the question was, what dream do I want to realize? Now, I’m no runner, and my hair was already long, but I had been fantasizing about starting a crafts and decorating blog for a while and just never seemed to get around to it.

I have found the blog to be such a rewarding experience – it has motivated me to find and finish so many projects that I love, and your feedback makes me want to keep on going!

I’m also constantly amazed by all the talented people with creative ideas out there. If you have any feedback or ideas to share, you can comment on any of the posts or send me a message at

jewelsathomeblog (at) gmail (dot) com

I look forward to hearing from you!


cut out and keep


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  1. Hi there,I am looking for some airline tag paper and your website comes up against the paper I need!!can you tell me if you sell it as paper/pictures etc or any other info?
    Many thanks

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