Recipe for a Design Crush – Amber Interiors

I’ve fallen hard for my latest design crush, the work of Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors. Amber and her team create spaces that are so beautiful and inviting – I want to move into every room! 
While each of their projects has a unique personality and can range in feel from highly-polished to industrial to beachy to bohemian, there is a signature that unifies all of the designs.
While I may not quite have the secret sauce, I did decide to identify the elements that make her spaces so distinctive. I started doing this when I read the Design Cookbook and found it really helps to list out the elements of a space when you are trying to create a certain look and feel.

Along with my analysis of my favorite Amber Interiors rooms, this post contains links, including some affiliate links, to products that can help you create a space inspired by Amber Interiors! Amber also has her own shoppe, where you can find more beautiful furniture and accessories.

The Box:

  • Open spaces that flow into each other
  • White walls
  • Hardwood floors, or, in the bathroom or mud room, tiles with geometric patterns


  • Thin Persian, Kilim, and Dhurrie rugs with a traditional or more modern graphic design are an absolute signature of Amber Interiors, and you see them in almost every space they design.
  • Occasionally, I’ve seen Amber Interiors layer these beautiful rugs over a larger jute rug


  • Drapes are usually in solid colors or a subtle pattern in a palette of neutral grey or beige
  • When there is a window shade, they use matchstick shades or white roman shades



  • Large upholstered pieces in neutral grey, white, or cream
  • Vintage mid-century chairs and accent tables, featuring sculptural wooden lines natural wood
  • A lot of their rooms include an ottoman or bench upholstered in the signature kilim or an indigo cloth


Accents and Accessories:

  • Every Amber Interiors room has lots of mixed throw pillows made of vintage textiles, especially kilims or dhurries, and indigo mud cloth
  • Large potted plants
  • Large throw blanket – in a neutral color, often with a lot of texture, such as a chunky knit or pom poms
  • Another signature is an organic feel in the accent pieces, such as a touch of leather, metal, or clay
  • I’ve also noticed beautiful oversized framed round mirrors

Wow! I’m feeling energized to decorate with my new tricks and ideas. Meanwhile, I will keep swooning over these pictures from Amber Interiors:

Hope you are, too, are feeling inspired by my design crush recipe!


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