Updating Old Boiled Wool Jackets

I will freely admit that we have done a terrible job clearing out any of my mom’s things since she passed away over 14 years ago. It’s all just sitting in closets and boxes all over the place. Some of this is certainly sentimental, and some of it is logistical – my sister and I lived on the west coast for many years and were seldom back home to go through things. Now, we both have kids running around, and there is rarely a spare moment to sort through the piles. Since my dad sold his house, the piles have just gotten more intense and scattered, so we did do our best to make a little dent in everything this past week.

One of the finds were several boiled wool jackets. I remember my mom wearing these often, and I love boiled wool myself. Unfortunately, the jackets we found are all oversized and boxy – not at all current-looking. I am brainstorming how I might be able to alter these to make them wearable again. I’m not sure how to do it, so ideas are welcome! Here’s what I am starting with:

Classic Geiger boiled wool jacket

These classic Geiger jackets are great, but they are all oversized and boxy.

Classic Geiger boiled wool jackets

Classic Geiger boiled wool jackets

And here are some the more contemporary boiled-wool jackets that are my inspiration. It would be so great to have something that is both fashionable and makes me feel like I’m wrapped up in a little piece of my mom.

teal ruffle collar jacket

teal ruffle collar jacket

red wrap jacket

red wrap jacket from As We Change.

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Boden Boiled Wool Coat

Boden Boiled Wool Coat

red boiled wool jacket

red boiled wool jacket from North Style. I think the seaming in front and gathers in back could help bring in the boxy style of my mom’s old jackets.

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oatmeal boiled wool jacket

oatmeal boiled wool jacket from Plush Pony

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I’m wondering if I can get away with just adding some darts and seams to these jackets? I think more likely I have to pretty much take each jacket apart and use a new jacket pattern to cut pieces and re-sew. Any other ideas?



Update: Here’s the post on altering the big navy coat, complete with step-by-step tutorial!