Easy DIY Lined Tray

This project was so quick and easy that I almost didn’t post it… And then I thought, if something is so quick and easy, and I love it, that’s all the more reason to share!

I was in a rush, so I forgot to take a “before” picture, but just imagine a plain wooden tray. And then look at this!

Easy DIY Lined Tray | Jewels at Home

The inside of this tray had a few water stains, and I was trying to think of an easy way to make it pretty and also more water-resistant for serving drinks. I remembered I had some of this Laura Ashley Self-Adhesive Shelf Liner leftover from laminating recipe cards at Christmas, and ta-da!!

Easy DIY lined tray | Jewels at Home


Easy DIY lined tray | Jewels at Home


That’s all – except now I want to do a dozen more trays with a dozen other pretty patterns. I should add it to my collection of ideas for decorating trays. It may have taken longer to write this post than it took to line my tray!

Get to it, fellow DIY friends!