Easy DIY Jewelry Display Board

Sometimes, every day feels like rush, rush, rush… get up, get ready, take the kids to school, work, back home, more kids and more work… I am very fortunate to love it all as much as I do, but the pace can definitely get to be a bit much!

Every once in a while, I have to remind myself to take a “time out.” All the work of home and job is never truly finished, and it’s okay to give yourself a few hours – or even minutes – to do something for yourself.

Tonight’s time out was sooooo easy and exciting.

I have been eyeing beautiful closet designs on Pinterest, planning out my own little spot of blingy bliss. One thing I knew I wanted to include was a way to display some jewelry. I ended up making this beautiful and super-easy magnetic display board that was ready in minutes!

The simple materials for this board were:

Easy DIY Jewelry Display Board | Jewels at Home

Easy DIY Jewelry Display Board | Jewels at Home

The rest of my closet nook is still coming together and will require a bit more elbow grease than this easy project, but I hope I can show it to you soon!

“Jewels” (no pun intended!!)