I tried Rothy’s! Here’s the scoop and $20 off

I’m sure you’ve seen ads on your social media feed for Rothy’s shoes. I was intrigued by their use of recycled materials, and of course, the designs are adorable, but I was waiting to hear from a “real person” who had tried them.

Enter my office mate, sporting a cute pair of these eco-conscious shoes. She said, she loves them, and while she usually wears sneakers, she found Rothy’s really comfortable for a ballet flat.

Now here I am, and pretty much all I ever wear is ballet flats, so I figured they would be perfect for me! They’re not a bargain, but for a well-made and earth-friendly shoe, I felt it was worthwhile. I also used a $20 off referral code (Rothy’s updates the codes periodically, so if this isn’t working for you, let me know, and I will send you the updated code!)

I tried two styles – The Flat and The Point, and I ended up keeping The Flat. Keep reading for a full review!
The Flat in Charcoal Birdseye:Style:  I love that the grey goes with almost everything, and the little peek of pink makes them feel unique!

  • Fit: These are true to size for me, perhaps a tiny bit snug, but I think a larger size would be too big.
  • Comfort: For me, these were as comfortable as advertised! No rubbing or blisters at all. Because the material is a knit, there is a little spring to the shoe that feels both supportive and soft.

The Point in Bright Blue Birdseye:

Size: The Point style ran small for me. My usual size was too tight.

  • Style: I also didn’t like that my toes showed (toe cleavage😉)
  • Comfort: a bit hard for me to rate, because they were tight, but they have that same supportive stretchy feel, so I would expect them to be comfortable, if the style and fit are right for you.

Bottom line: as the owner (guardian?) of way too many ballet flats, I am really excited by these shoes which are very comfortable and have just enough details to feel special but are still neutral enough to go with almost anything!

If you want to check them out, you can use this referral code and we both get $20 off! (Rothy’s updates the codes periodically, so if this isn’t working for you, let me know, and I will send you the updated code!)

Update: A few months later, these are still my favorite shoes. So cute and soooo comfortable. I’ve washed them twice, and they look like new. The tip I wanted to add was that I did start wearing them with odor-fighting insoles, because the original insoles just didn’t stay fresh for me, and I would have had to wash them every other week – you could do that, too, and I noticed they sell extra insoles, presumably for this reason… anyway, that’s the full story. I still love these shoes, own five pairs, and am planning to spoil myself with more…