Stenciled Linen Table Runner

Remember when I painted our Gold Feather Table Runner? It was one of a pair of linen table runners that I am making for our Thanksgiving dinner this year. I am so excited to host my coworkers and their families!

The design was inspired by a design by Jesse Breytenbach. She makes gorgeous stamped fabrics, and this flower (thistle? artichoke??) really captured the natural and elegant look I wanted for our Thanksgiving table. I used sharpie to draw the the design which satisfied my grown-up coloring needs.


Here’s a close-up of the finished flowers.

And here’s the runner with a preview of our Thanksgiving table!

I like the simple colors that evoke the season while still blending into the rest of our home.

Wishing you a happy holiday with your friends and family!


2 thoughts on “Stenciled Linen Table Runner

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