Slouchy Silk Origami Bag

This one goes out to the one I love
This one goes out to the one I’ve left behind
A simple prop to occupy my time
This one goes out to the one I love


Sewing has been a major outlet for my nervous energy while isolated at home, and it means a lot to be able to share some of these projects with my friends. It’s a special way to feel connected during a disconnected time. I was so excited by my first attempt at an origami bento bag, that I am experimenting with another version!

There are two main techniques for these bags- one uses two overlapping triangles and the other uses a long folded rectangle. This version is made from a long rectangle. I’ll try to put up a general post about the construction of these bags. For now, I will mention that I found it really helpful to make models of the pattern with scrap paper, to see how they fit together.

My friend Marta saw a big slouchy linen bag online that she really loved, so I decided to make my own version for her.

It’s a bit tricky to plan for the finished dimensions of this style of bag, because of all the angles, so for reference, I started with a rectangle that is 18″ x  53″ to create a bag with a finished size of 22.5″ wide, 11.5″ usable height for storage.

Here what you will need:

  • For the body of the bag, two rectangles of fabric. I used an olive green silk blend for the outside and a linen-weave heavy cotton for the lining. Both of these fabrics are actually cut from old curtain panels!
  • (For other sizes, the length of the rectangle should be 3 times the width when finished, i.e. accounting for seam allowances. *The pattern of your fabric will run in different on each panel of the bag, so pick a fabric which will work in multiple directions*)
  • For the strap cover, 5″x 15″ strap of fabric
  • For the inner part of the strap, 17″ strapping
  • Basic sewing supplies

Here’s How to Make It:

  • Place the two rectangles on top of each other, right sides facing
  • Pin and sew around the edge of the triangles, leaving a 4″ opening along a short side, for turning


  • To add box corners, turn the bag inside out, mark the side and bottom of the bag with pins or chalktfold the corner – note that you cannot use the seam to find the bottom and side, the way you usually do. ** learn from my mistake!


  • Finish the strap by looping the long end of the strap through the slider, around the ring, and back up around the inner piece of the slider. Fold the finished end of the strap back on itself and stitch in place

And here’s the finished bag! So I can wear it around the house!


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