Accordion Folded Photo Album

So, it’s no secret that decorating for Christmas is a big deal around here. We tend to stay pretty low-key with the gifts, though. Our family is fortunate to have so much already, so we usually have a few meaningful gifts and focus on family time.

This accordian-fold photo album is the perfect gift for my dad! He travels all the time for work, so he can just tuck this in his bag and bring the grandkids with him wherever he goes!

Materials (5×7 album that holds 4×6 photos):

  • Two sheets of scrapbook paper for the cover
  • Two pieces of cardboard (I used the back of paper pads; cereal boxes would be great, too)
  • Three sheets of cardstock for the pages
  • Ribbon
  • glue stick, scissors, double-sided tape


Cut out two 5″x7″pieces of cardboard. Then cut two pieces of scrapbook paper to 7″x9″ and glue on to the cardboard (left picture below). Cut two small slits in one of the covers and thread the ribbon through (right picture below).

Next, cut the cardstock to 6.5″ in height. I folded 4.5″sections and used the extra to overlap the next piece. The picture below shows how the pieces connect in the back. In the front, you can’t see the seams!

Finally, glue the accordion pages into the cover! Here is the finished product, before adding the photos:

I used double-sided tape to attach the pictures:

And the whole thing folds up into a cute package!

I look forward to making more of these for our friends and family!





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