Accordion Folded Album – Wedding Cards

A few years ago, I made an accordion album to hold photos for my dad. Now, here’s a more dressed-up version that I made as wedding cards from our work for two coworkers who are both getting married this summer.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Two 7″x9″ sheets of scrapbook paper or wrapping paper for the covers
  • Two pieces of 5″x7″ cardboard (cereal or other grocery boxes are great)
  • Three+ sheets of cardstock for the pages
  • Ribbon – 60″
  • I also had a gift card that I added inside
  • glue stick, scissors, craft knife

Here’s How To Do It:

Cut out two 5″x7″pieces of cardboard. Then cut two pieces of scrapbook paper to 7″x9″ and glue on to the cardboard to make your covers:

Cut two small slits in one of the covers and thread the ribbon

Next, cut the cardstock to 6.5″ in height. I folded 4.5″sections and used the extra to overlap the next piece.

Finally, glue the accordion pages into the cover!

Here is the finished product:

And the whole thing folds up into a cute package! It’s fun to look back on the first version and see how the same project can be adapted to different uses!

Cheers to the happy couples!

Julie AKA “Jewels”

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