Washi Tape Gift Jars

These little jars are so cute for teacher gifts, hostess gifts, and just-because gifts!

It takes a little patience to collect the jars, but then it is pretty straight-forward to put everything together.


  • empty jars
  • gold spray paint
  • metallic washi tape
  • tea and chocolate or fillers of your choice
  • optional: twine and gift tags


After washing the jars thoroughly, I used spray paint to paint the lids that had writing on them. I kept the ones that were already solid black or gold. Next, I added bands of washi tape to the glass. The little gift tags have ideas for ways to reuse the jar, such as for pencils, flowers, coins, candles, candy… that’s just what occurred to me. I am sure you can think of even more uses!

Here’s my little gift factory in action:

And I love how there are so many different combinations of jars and tape, each with their own unique look!

I love this idea, because it’s practical and pretty at the same time!




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