DIY Knob Rack – Hang it Up!

I’m creating a little display nook in my bedroom – so far, I’ve made a jewelry display board, and next up is this rack made with pretty glass knobs.


What you’ll need:

How to do it:

  • Cut  the wall shelf and wood scrap to the same length
  • Mark the locations of the knobs on the wood, and drill holes through the wood
  • Prime and paint the wood and let it dry
  • Attach the knobs, trimming the excess length with the screw cutter

  • I attached screw eyes to the back of the wood

  • To mount the rack on the wall, I put picture hooks on the wall and hung the screw eyes on the hooks. I stuck the rubber bumpers on the wood to help position it stably
  • Finally, I mounted the wall shelf directly above the knob rack

Now, I have a perfect rack for displaying purses or scarves or hanging the next day’s outfit!

One thought on “DIY Knob Rack – Hang it Up!

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