Big Closet Dreams in a Small Space!

I can’t help drooling over pictures of gorgeous walk-in closets with romantic and glamorous touches. We gave up our walk-in closet when we created a fourth bedroom upstairs. I don’t regret this extra room, which was first a nursery and is now a tween boy’s room. And I’m more than happy with the built-in IKEA Pax closets that we installed for tons of hidden storage.

With those practical needs met, I still wanted a way to create a small dressing area with a touch of glam. To prove a little space can go a long way, all this fit into a tiny unused space behind our bedroom door! This little vignette is so pretty it makes it fun to get yourself pretty, too!

This project broke down into the “bones” and the accessories.

The main components were:

  • Painted accent wall
  • Full-length mirror – as you know, I have a weakness for vintage faux bamboo furniture, so I was very excited to find this mirror. Unfortunately, it turned into a long process, because both the mirror and frame broke in shipping, and I ended up spending twice as much to have the glass replaced, as well as repairing and repainting the frame, but I’m happy with the final result. I definitely still love hunting for vintage finds, but if you want something new and more predictable, here is a similar mirror
  • DIY jewelry display board
  • White shelving
  • DIY rack with glass knobs

And here are some ideas for fun accessories to add to any closet display:

  • Framed art, candles
  • Vase with flowers
  • Jewelry, shoes, purses, scarves
  • Bowls for jewelry
  • Baskets and boxes

Here’s how the recipe for my dream closet all came together!

I love this whole space, especially my mirror. Only thing is, it’s really hard to take pictures of a mirror – because, you know, it reflects everything! I kept trying to tidy things, but finally I gave up, so you can play “I spy with my little eye” in all these pictures to find all the stuff I did not manage to put away!


2 thoughts on “Big Closet Dreams in a Small Space!

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