Pastel Christmas Village

So, I actually did this project in January, being the Christmas decorating nerd that I am. It’s strange to think of all the things that have happened this year since I started planning our Christmas decorations. It will be our first year missing our holiday party tradition that we started in 2004. I’m pretty sad about that, but I realize the world has much bigger problems, so I am telling myself it’s a chance to do a more relaxed holiday. I’ve tried a colorful retro Christmas theme a few times before, and this year I wanted to add some pastel houses to our village!

I started with these wooden birdhouses I had left from a project years ago. I had painted some all white for a modern Christmas village and painted these ones in pastel colors.

I started by removing the dowels and filling in the holes. I used wood Popsicle sticks and other wood shapes to add doors and details to some of the houses.

Then I painted the houses in two shades of pastel colors, adding a touch of gold as well!

These will look cute mixed in with the white houses as well as DIY felt trees and yarn trees.

I’ll share some more pictures when I get this year’s village set up!

Hope you are preparing for a safe and warm holiday season,

Julie aka “Jewels”

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