How to Hang a Mirror or Art on a Bookcase

So, my weakness (talent?!) for finding home decor on the street is well-established. Remember when I made over this cute Chinese end table? Well, I was walking over to meet a friend for lunch today, and I saw this mirror on the side of the street. It was exactly what I had in mind for a project, so naturally, I just had to pick it up and bring it with me – yes, to lunch, and also to the grocery store afterward! But now that it’s hung up, it was worth it!

I had been thinking of hanging a mirror on these bookshelves, because I wanted to give more light to my fiddle leaf fig tree. This mirror was simple, neutral, and importantly, lightweight. Looks like it was from Target originally. Once I had it home, I had to figure out how to hang in on the bookshelves. I wanted to make sure it was secure (earthquake country!) but also did not damage the shelves.

When I searched for ideas, I came across several methods, including the ones listed below

The strategy that works best will vary, depending on your specific mirror (or art) and bookcase. After reading the articles above, I got inspired to use my own method using things I had at home already!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • mirror
  • picture hanging hardware (if not included with your mirror)
  • picture hanging wire
  • heavy duty binder clips

Here’s how to do it:

  • attach the picture hangers to the back of your mirror
  • attach the picture hanging wire, while stringing it through a loop of each binder clip
  • clamp the binder clips to your shelf! That’s it!

Hmm, maybe it’s a bit narrow? Or maybe if it were bigger, it would be creepy to look at ourselves while sitting on the couch (that is what my son said). Anyway, I’m happy for today!

Happy treasure hunting!

Julie AKA “Jewels”

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