Five Tricks for Making Realistic Silk Floral Arrangements

I love treating myself to real fresh flowers, but sometimes, we all need the low-maintenance burst of color that comes from “silk” flowers. I have a few favorite tips to create arrangements that look almost as good as the real thing!

Here are my favorite tips:

  1. Shop in person, whenever possible. There’s so much variety in quality, and it really helps to see the flowers in person
  2. Use a mix of open blooms and buds
  3. Add filler greenery
  4. Use clear acrylic resin to simulate water – This helps stabilize your flowers and also makes the arrangement look much more realistic!
  5. Place your faux flower arrangements next to live plants or fresh cut flowers

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s how to do it:

  • Arrange your flowers, varying heights and adding some filler greens. Mix open blooms with buds, for a more natural look
  • Trim the stems using the wire cutters
  • Mix the acrylic resin according to the instructions on the package and pour into your vase
  • Add the flowers and let the resin set according to the instructions
  • Mix your faux arrangements with some real plants for an even more realistic overall impression

Here are some of the floral arrangements I have made, adding some low-maintenance color to our home!

Mix blooms and buds for a natural-looking combination:

Mix live plants with your faux floral arrangements, so the overall impression is more realistic:

Don’t forget the filler greenery, just like a real bouquet!

The simulated “water” really gives a finishing touch to your faux flower arrangements!

I also love that these arrangements are easy to transport to events. (Secret: At potlucks, I am always the person who signs up for plates, cups, napkins and decorations, because I’m not the greatest cook!)

Julie AKA “Jewels”

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