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Nightstands with Faux Bone Inlay Stencils

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Faux Campaign Dresser Makeover

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DIY Felt Wreath in Winter Whites

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Easy DIY Faux Marble Planters 

The climate in San Francisco is definitely unpredictable. We have our stunning sunny days, but we’re also known for the chilling fog that makes it hard to establish an outdoor garden. Luckily, our kitchen faces west, so we get some strong sun shining on this little ledge where I’m starting an herb garden.

I was looking for some easy ways to make containers for our plants, and these large yogurt containers are the perfect size and shape. Their looks, however, leave a little to be desired, so the grey marble contact paperI used on our fireplace came in handy again! I also found some grey granite contact paperthat worked well.

Easy DIY Faux Marble Planters¬† | Jewels at HomeMixed in with some other pots I have collected or painted, and with the way our three boys go through food, we’ll have our garden filled up in no time!


Faux Bamboo Fetish – Dining Room Sideboard

I recently became obsessed with the look of vintage faux bamboo dressers, like those made by Thomasville or Henry Link in the 60s and 70s. These dressers have come back into fashion, repainted for a gorgeous new look. I see them on eBay and Etsy regularly, but with the shipping costs from across the country, it doesn’t seem quite worth it. I’m also nervous about taking on such a big project. As Ibie, whose dresser is in the second picture below, chronicles on her blog, the painting process on such a large piece is not for the fainthearted.

Here are some of the beautiful makeovers that caught my eye:

Callie's black dresser featured on Little Green Notebook

Callie’s black dresser featured on Little Green Notebook. I love the glossy black finish, and the rest of this room is fantastic, too!

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Ibie's grey Henry Link dresser on One Story Building

Ibie’s grey Henry Link dresser on One Story Building. This looks so sophisticated and elegant! I certainly believe her that it was a bear to paint, though.

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I still have this project in the back of my mind, and I occasionally look around on Craigslist, eBay, and Etsy for that perfect dresser to repaint, but for now, I’m happy with an easier update to our old dresser. This is actually an inexpensive piece that we bought a decade ago. We almost got rid of it a couple of years back, but no one on Craigslist even wanted it, so we decided to repair all the sagging drawer bottoms, and I’m so glad that it has a new life as the sideboard in our dining room.

BEFORE: Old dresser we are using as a sideboard.

BEFORE: Old dresser we are using as a sideboard.

The hardware we had on there is a little rustic for our space, so I decided to give those old knobs a new life down at my dad’s beach house and replace the hardware with – what else – faux bamboo pulls! I chose this Belwith Bamboo Collection black nickel cabinet pull
, and there were several others out there that also look great, and I put some of my favorites on Pinterest.

Belwith Bamboo Pull

Belwith Bamboo Pull

Since the new pulls need two holes, I had to drill new ones. TIP: I used a piece of a piece of painter’s taped marked with the distance between the holes, so I could quickly measure and drill.

TIP: mark the distance between holes for cabinet hardware on a piece of painter's tape.  From Jewels at Home.

TIP: mark the distance between holes for cabinet hardware on a piece of painter’s tape.

And here’s the “new” old dresser. No, it’s not as stunning as an old Regency dresser painted in an elegant new color, but it was quick, easy, and inexpensive.

New faux bamboo hardware gives an old dresser new life.

New faux bamboo hardware gives our old dresser new life.

New hardware gives an old dresser new life.


I’m happy with the result of this little project, and will still keep my eye out for something perfect.