Dip-Painted Wooden Kitchen Utensils

I’m sure you’ve noticed that dip painting is very popular these days. I’m not sure that I like the look on everything, but some of those dip-painting projects do look really great.  For holiday gifts this year, I decided to make some fun dip-painted kitchen utensils. I’m going to add some recipe cards hand-written by the kids to make special gifts to give their teachers.

DIY dip-painted wooden kitchen utensils | Jewels at Home

And a while back, I used a reverse dip-painted look when I repainted a mid-century nightstand for the boys’ room.


To make your own painted utensils, you’ll need:

  • Wooden or bamboo utensils.  These Oceanstar Bamboo Cooking Utensils worked very well, with their flat finish and a broad handle to show off the paint.
  • Paint – I used leftover house paint from a variety of projects
  • Polyurethane to protect the painted finish
  • Paint brush and sandpaper for touch-ups

With three kids, there are a lot of teachers in our lives, so I set up a dip painting center in our backyard.

I dipped the handles of the utensils in a variety of paint leftover from other projects.  For some, I partially dipped in a second color.  Finally, I added two coats of clear polyurethane.  Between coats, I laid the utensils with the painted edge hanging off of the work table.  The cardboard under the table caught any drips.  I did use a brush and sandpaper to touch up occasionally, but for the most part, the paint went on quite smoothly and easily.

DIY dip-painted wooden kitchen utensils | Jewels at Home

One small modification that I would recommend is to not paint too far up on the handle. The way I did it would be fine for stirring things in a pan, but hubby, who cooks a lot more than I do, pointed out that the painted handles would be harder to use when stirring a big pot of soup or stew.

DIY dip-painted wooden kitchen utensils | Jewels at Home

I started with one color of paint on the handles of the utensils.

DIY dip-painted wooden kitchen utensils | Jewels at Home

For some of the utensils, I added a second color of paint. So many options!

Dip-painted wooden kitchen utensils | Jewels at Home

These are the utensils from our kitchen. Hubby pointed out that it would be better to have painted just the very tips of the handles, so the paint doesn’t get into big pots of soup, etc.. I guess I owe him some new utensils for Christmas.

DIY dip-painted wooden kitchen utensils | Jewels at Home

You can mix and match colors and patterns to make great-looking sets to give as gifts.

DIY dip-painted wooden kitchen utensils | Jewels at Home

To make our gifts more personalized, I asked each boy to pick a favorite recipe and write it out by hand. I’m going to copy the recipes and tie them to the handle of the utensils with ribbon.  I love all the variations, and I hope each of our teachers will find a choice that’s perfect for her or him.

Teachers' gifts.  Dip-painted wooden utensils with your child's favorite recipes on cards | Jewels at Home

Teachers’ gifts. Dip-painted wooden utensils with your child’s favorite recipes on cards.

I’m looking forward to sharing our gifts with the wonderful teachers in our lives, and I’m also glad these wooden utensils will be a lot lighter to carry around school than last year’s pancake and hot chocolate mixes in glass jars!



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