DIY Paper Rosettes

I was putting together a photo booth background for my old boss’ retirement party, and I wanted to try to make these pretty paper rosettes I had seen. It turns out they are very easy, and I love them in these retro-inspired prints. I’m now making more for an upcoming bridal shower photo booth. Fun! Fun! Fun! Paper just makes me so happy.



  • Two sheets of matching scrapbook paper for each rosette
  • Tape
  • String


I think the pictures are pretty easy to follow, but here’s how I figured out how to make the rosettes.

  • Stack the two pieces of paper together and fold in half, printed side facing in
  • Fold into quarters by folding the to edges down
  • Using the fold lines as a guide, pleat the paper into 12 one-inch sections. Separate the two sheets of paper
  • Tie them together in the middle
  • Spread out the pleats and tape the sheets of paper together from the back
  • Voila!


Next project is some oversized paper flowers to add to our photo backdrop for next weekend!


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