I’m dreaming of a (Blue and) White Chinoiserie Chic Christmas

It has been a busy few months here, but I’m sitting by the fire and finally have a minute to share our Christmas decorations – just under the wire this Christmas Eve.

If there were a graph showing how many boxes of Christmas decorations I have, you’d see it go up and up, when I started trying different decorating themes a few years ago… but thankfully(!!), the rate of expansion has slowed, because I can mix-and-match and adapt things I already have.

This year’s theme is blue and white Chinoiserie Chic!

First up – the living room mantel, decorated with greenery, candles, trees, and blue and white ginger jars. I took my plain white stockings and added some blue and white toile fabric I had from upholstering our dining chairs.

ezy watermark_24-12-2018_03-12-35pm

ezy watermark_24-12-2018_03-11-39pm

ezy watermark_24-12-2018_04-04-09pm

ezy watermark_24-12-2018_03-13-18pm

And the main attraction is, of course, our tree! I used ornaments from our

all-white Christmas and added some new DIY Chinoiserie ornaments (a post on those is now up)! The tree skirt is the grey velvet one I sewed a few years ago.

ezy watermark_24-12-2018_04-09-05pm

ezy watermark_24-12-2018_04-10-40pm

ezy watermark_24-12-2018_04-07-25pm

This gorgeous sunset was a real December treat!

ezy watermark_24-12-2018_03-17-34pm

Love seeing the lights a nighttime!

ezy watermark_24-12-2018_04-06-49pm

ezy watermark_24-12-2018_04-11-31pm

A couple of years ago, I added this garland to our living room archway, and I love the way it looks!

ezy watermark_24-12-2018_04-14-02pm

ezy watermark_24-12-2018_04-05-33pm

More nighttime magic!

ezy watermark_24-12-2018_03-15-34pm

Just because it’s Christmas, I have not forgotten my fiddle leaf figs (read all my tips on these beautiful plants)! I dug up these metallic garlands I made, and they add just the right amount of bling that still allows the plant itself to shine!

And here a few more bits of joy spread around the house…

The bar/ sideboard, with the DIY reindeer antler art:

I also added a garland and some Christmas trees to our family room mantel… and a Santa hat to this patient dog!

Some closeups of the new ornaments I painted!

do love the lights so much! Finn is just humoring me…

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Julie aka “Jewels”

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