My Sunroom Home Office – with a Fabulous Vintage Find!

This post is brought to you by this weekend’s fabulous vintage find! If you know me, you know I love finding vintage furniture – it’s even better if it’s mid-century bamboo or rattan – and it’s best if it’s free! I am so thrilled by this vintage rattan headboard I found for free! – less than half a mile from my house! – on Craigslist.


Are you as in love as I am?!

I’m using our little sunroom as my home office while I work from home during the pandemic. I loved how light and airy it was when I first decorated it last summer. Now that I’m working from this space, I’ve had to add some more furniture and some window coverings – all those windows create a serious greenhouse effect, not to mention some tricky lighting for all the video calls. While a lot of what I added is functional, I still want this to be a beautiful space, and at only 5′ x 15′, I need to keep it pretty curated.

Here are some pictures of how the office is looking these days. One thing I love is that I added casters to my desk, so I can move around a bit and get different perspectives and feel a bit less cooped up- just a bit. Since I am seeing patients over video, I like being able to give them calming and pretty views as well!


Here’s the view as you walk into the sunroom after my commute across the hall! If you look closely, you’ll see my window shades are made from scraps of fabric hung with command hoods, binder clips, safety pins, and ribbon. I didn’t really want to have window coverings in this room, but it’s necessary for work, and considering what they are made from, I don’t think they look too bad!


Some days, Finn beats me to the office, but he isn’t a very hard worker.

I found this quote in one of my scrapbook paper pads. It really speaks to me during the pandemic – “Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.” Ida Scott Taylor. It’s so easy to slip into thinking that this is a time we have to endure and get through – and some days there’s no way around that… but I am trying to remember to continue living as fully as we can.


My desk chair is one of the vintage Chippendale chairs I found several years ago, also on Craigslist. They were definitely not free, but they still make me happy! The desk is a very small one I originally bought for our tween room makeover. To be honest, it’s a bit squishy when I have all my work stuff on it, but I also don’t know that this room can handle a larger desk. The real-life set-up involves just a bit (ha!) more equipment and paper than shown here… including plastic bins and an Ikea stepstool I use to make an improvised sit-stand work surface!


I framed a square of wrapping paper from Minted to hang behind my desk. I often do my zoom calls with the fiddle leaf fig behind me, but when I am facing this way, I like that there’s something more friendly than a blank wall behind me.


But for today, it is all about this new headboard!



I actually took this past week off of work – we rented a house with a pool for a few days and spent the rest of the week hanging out at home. It’s going to be hard to get back into the work routine… but this view most certainly helps!


Hang in there, friends!

Julie aka “Jewels”






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