Your Home is Your Canvas – Inspirations for Custom Art

I want each item in my home to be meaningful, and custom canvas art is a wonderful way to personalize a space. I’m sharing four custom canvas ideas that I’ve used in my home. This includes several original projects as well as a canvas that was gifted by PhotoWall. If you order a canvas from them, you can get 20% off with the code jewelsathome20 until the end of October 2022.

  1. Convert a photograph into a “painting”
  2. Highlight your favorite poem
  3. Create a custom transportation sign
  4. Choose from an online gallery

Convert a photograph into a “painting”

We spent last year in a rental house near the water. For the artwork over our bed, I chose a photograph that I took in the neighborhood, so we could keep it as a reminder of that beautiful location. After I picked my photo, I used an iOS app called Brushstroke, which creates the impression of a painting and then printed the image across two canvases to make an oversized piece of art.

In our new house, I hung the canvases in our bathroom, which does not have windows, and they add a lovely “view”!

Highlight your favorite poem

I love having a poem or saying to look at through the day – it helps me stay grounded and in a good mindset. This is a poem I typed out and printed on canvas. It hangs in our foyer, where we can look at it every day.

Create a custom transportation sign

I love transportation signs as art – it’s modern but can be so personal when you choose something from a place that has meaning for you. Our boys’ names start with J, K, and L, which are three of the San Francisco Muni train lines. I used PowerPoint to create this canvas that is inspired by Muni signs.

Choose from an online gallery

You don’t always have to make your art from scratch. I was excited to be gifted custom canvases from PhotoWall. They have sooo many options for designs, and the search functions work well, so I was able to narrow down to three special canvases for three spaces. I look forward to showing you the other two pieces I picked. This first one is in our dining room. I am in love with my vintage bar cabinet and the made-over Chippendale chair, but they felt a bit lonely on the dining room wall. I found this print – called East Side – on the PhotoWall site, and I think it ties together the space, colors, and sophisticated vibe perfectly!

If you’d like to print your own canvas – or check out their murals or posters – you can use the code jewelsathome20 for 20% off at PhotoWall!

I love seeing these personal touches throughout our house every day. What custom canvas inspiration are you going to try?

Julie AKA “Jewels”

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