Recipe Tea Towels

If you’re already familiar with Spoonflower, then you know how amazing their site is. If you haven’t been introduced to them yet, be prepared to be completely addicted! They can custom print anything on fabric, and you can design your own fabric or browse tons of unique designs from individual artists. It’s great if you want something very specific, like the DNA fabric I used for these appliquéd tie onesies.

I have bought several prints on Spoonflower in the past, and these tea towels are my first custom-printed project! I saw this idea for preserving and celebrating family recipes in a Spoonflower mailing, and I knew that I wanted to make the tea towels for my sister and myself, using the recipes my mother wrote out and gave to me as a wedding present.

To make the towels, I took pictures of my mom’s recipes and used Spoonflower’s simplified tutorial. Of course, you may have your own family recipes to use, but if you’re interested in the ones I used, I’m going to put them in my Spoonflower store, when I get it set up. The cranberry cake is a decadent Christmas treat, and the apple crisp and banana bread are reliable favorites.

Here are some pictures of how they turned out. Although the tutorial is for towels with a contrasting color border on the back, I was able to cut the fabric such that I could have the border on the front, using some bias binding in the back, which made a nicer size towel.

I also added a grosgrain ribbon loop in the back, for hanging on a hook:

From the edge of the printed fabric, I did make some with the contrasting color on the back and no border on the front:

And here they are, all wrapped up and ready to share. I gave a set to my sister and also sent a set to one of my mom’s close friends, so we can all have a little piece of her in our homes.

Happy baking!

Julie aka “Jewels”


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