Valentine’s Day Pennant Banner

I’m not usually a big Valentine’s Day person, but then again, a holiday built around chocolate can’t be all bad!

Anyway, a couple of weekends ago, I got the urge to make something – anything! – and I put together these Valentine’s banners. You could adapt the banner for all kinds of events, like a birthday or shower!

I had broken every rule about buying stuff when I bought this pink and gold fabric at Stone Mountain and Daughter a few months ago, because I didn’t have any particular plan for it – I just thought it was so pretty! Luckily, my irresponsible buying habit had a happy ending this time!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s how to do it:

  • Iron the Heat ‘n Bond onto onto the back of one half of the pink fabric and cream fabric
  • Leaving a small section of fabric with Heat ‘n Bond to cut out letters, fold over and iron the fabric onto the first half, creating double-sided fabric
  • Cut triangles from the pink and cream fabric

  • Trace letters IN REVERSE (you can see I forgot this and remembered just in time, before I cut them out!) on the back of the Heat ‘n Bond.

  • Cut out the letters and iron onto the triangle pennants

  • Using a zig-zag stitch, sew the pennants between the folds of the bias binding. Leave some bias binding on either end to use to tie up your banner.

I made enough to hang a banner in our living-dining room and our family room!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Julie aka “Jewels”


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