Sewing a Planter Basket – The Fig’s New Clothes

I threatened this punny post title last year, when I sewed a planter bag for one of my big fiddle leaf figs. That fig and another have outgrown their pots again, so I’m sewing new planter bags for them. I’ve listed links to all my fiddle leaf fig-related posts at the bottom of this post.

With big plants, a lightweight plastic pot is the most practical solution – but not always the best-looking one. But with a custom-sewn planter bag, you can give your pot any look you want! This year, I wanted to make planter bags that looked like giant baskets. If you want to make a more decorative bag, here’s a picture and link to last year’s tutorial.

What you’ll need:

  • Plastic planter with drip tray
  • Fabric – I used an outdoor fabric with a woven texture. It was a remnant, so I can’t link to the exact product. However, here’s an alternative fabric I had considered.
  • Thread and sewing accessories

What to do:

  • Measure the diameter and circumference of the top of the pot (remember c=pi x d!) Measure the height of your pot.
  • My pot is 20 inches high, so I was able to take the 54 inch wide fabric, sew a tube (picture 1), and just fold it in half lengthwise right side facing out (picture 2) to form the sides of the pot. Remember, the height is flexible, since you’ll be folding the top of the bag over
  • For the bottom of the basket, cut two circles with the diameter of the pot + seam allowance (picture 3)
  • Sew the bottom onto the raw edge of the tube, with right sides together. Zig-zag the raw edge to keep it from fraying (picture 4)

And here are the finished bags with the pots inside. I folded over the top edge, so it stays snug around the rim of the pot.

And here are the figs standing tall in their new pots!

Here’s a complete visual of the steps to sew the basket:

Julie aka “Jewels”

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