DIY Bunk Bed Caddy

The little boys just moved into a bunk bed, and L needs a place to stash his book and glasses at the end of the day.

I let him pick some favorite fabrics out of the stash, and I like how the pretty Japanese-inspired ocean print complements a whimsical pirate print from his younger days.


View of the front. One big pocket for books and a small pocket for glasses. The pocket is double-layered for durability, as is the back piece.

This is what it looks like lying open, with the top flap extended.

View from the back. The top flap wraps around to the back and buttons over the safety rail.

L actually (gently) set me a deadline to finish this “Mom, when can you finish it? How about by the end of this week?!”

I made it!

Good night, sleep tight!








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