DIY Felt Wreath in Winter Whites

I’m here to share my latest project and also ask for your help! Here’s a felt wreath I made for Christmas decorating, and I really, really love it – but I don’t know where to display it, especially since it gets a bit lost on our cream walls and white trim. Suggestions welcome!

In any case, the lack of a practical purpose has not diminished my love for this project, which captures all the fuzzy coziness I want to create with this season’s decorations.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • cardboard for wreath base
  • yarn to wrap the base
  • large paperclip or other wire for the wreath hanger
  • felt
  • old sweaters/ felted sweaters
  • beads
  • needle and thread
  • hot glue

Here’s how to do it:

  • Cut a wreath shape from the cardboard
  • Wrap the cardboard with yarn, incorporating a wire hanger on the back
  • Create flowers and leaves from felt and old sweaters/ felted sweaters (I used some of the trim from the thrift store sweaters I bought to make sweater pillows and sweater ornaments)
  • Arrange the flowers and leaves and hot glue in place

Here’s a picture of the different flowers and leaves I made for my wreath:

This is what the poinsettia flowers look like, before you roll and sew them:

And here are some more pictures of the finished wreath, shown on our floor and on my bathroom door, neither of which are ideal places to display it – help!

It’s Thanksgiving Day here, so I’m looking forward to a quiet day full of family time and good food… and them moving on to more serious Christmas decorating!


Julie aka “Jewels”

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