DIY Sweater Christmas Trees

I’m still looking for a good name for this year’s Christmas theme. Woodsy and Warm? I do know that sweaters are a big part of my decorations – like the sweater pillow covers and sweater ornaments I already made. The felt wreath also had some flowers made from sweaters! Next up: Sweater Christmas Trees!

I made two kinds of trees with sweaters, one with leftover material from the pillow covers and ornaments and another with felted sweaters – both were very easy!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • cardboard to make cones – glue, staples to hold them together
  • For the sweater trees – an old sweater, needle and thread or sewing machine, hot glue
  • For the felted sweater trees – 100% wool sweaters, felted by washing in hot, soapy water, hot glue

Here’s how to do it:

  •  For both types of trees, use thin cardboard to create cone shapes. Staples and hot glue help hold the shape
  • For the sweater trees: Stretch the sweater material over a cone and find the approximate shape. Sew a seam to create a cover that stretches over the cone. Hot glue in place
  • For the felted trees: This material is very thick and not stretchy, so you need to cut a triangle of felt about half an inch bigger in all directions than the cardboard cone. Hot glue the seam closed, pushing the edges of the felt together, to hide the seam:


Here are the trees made from the thrift store sweaters (also the pine cone tree from a few years ago!):

Instagram said to add the pom-poms, but I was afraid to commit… what do you think?

And here are the trees made from felted sweaters. I had both of these sweaters since I was a teenager – the Aran sweater is one my family bought on a trip to England, and the green one was knitted by my mom! Both are too scratchy and warm for California, but I love that I get to still enjoy them.

More tree pics:

I’ve still got to find the best place to display all of my fuzzy forest, so more pictures to come!

Stay warm!

Julie aka “Jewels”

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