Cheery Warm Dining Room and Pattern Play with “Art Deco Swans” by Kate Rhees

A lot of people groan when they think about moving, and while I plan to stay put for many years to come, I actually love the excitement and challenge of arranging a new space. I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with our new dining room, which is quite different from prior iterations, and I think I can say I am settled on our look for now!

This is not a very large space, and it is open to the kitchen and living room. The light fixture was originally hung in the middle of the room, but it left a bunch of hard-to-use space around the perimeter of the room and also did not take full advantage of the windows and views. We moved the light fixture so it is centered at the windows and added bench/ banquette seating. I love how cozy and warm it feels now! I would also love a new light fixture, but I’m still trying to decide on that, so this works for now!

I’m mixing a vintage table and chairs, so I wanted to tie them together with the seat fabric. After much searching, I settled on the Art Deco Swans print by Kate Rhees on Spoonflower. This color coordinates with the Amy Howard “Belgian Blue” lacquer I used on the bar cabinet, as well as the navy blue bench cushions. I loved some of the lighter color options also, but in the end, I went with the darker color, so the inevitable stains won’t be as noticeable.

For details on how I used the fabric for our dining chairs, see these posts:

I also wanted to mention that after looking at options for buying foam seat cushions, I found the best choice was actually to order the custom from Foam Factory. They cut them custom to my sizes and wrapped them in batting, all at prices that were comparable or better than me cutting them (crookedly!) by myself.

I’ve had the chance to host friends a few times in the past months, and I am so happy with how our space has come together!

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