A Boy’s Room in Blue Full of DIY Treasures

Sometimes, milestones are measured in unusual ways. I know my kids are getting big, because it’s finally possible to take a picture of JJ’s room that is not a total disaster! We (I) were focused on finding a new house in just the location we wanted, which meant that we ended up in a smaller space. We’re plotting an addition some day, but for now, we are getting cozy and creative! So, when my dad was coming to visit, we set up a bed for JJ with us and cleaned up his room to be a guest room.

Having moved twice in the past year (!!), I actually had fun rearranging our things in new ways, so our spaces felt fresh, without buying very many new things. As I look at these pictures of JJ’s room, I spot lots of DIYs from over the years!

I needed a second dresser in this room, because Kai is sharing with JJ, when he is home from college. I also wanted my dad to be able to store some of his things here, now that he stays for longer visits. I spent a lot of time looking for the right dresser that was simple but still had some style and wouldn’t break the bank! In this era of shipping delays and backorders, I was very happy to be able to get this white mid-century dresser delivered fully-assembled! for free! in one day! from Living Spaces.

I spy another DIY – the felt pennant! As excited as I am to finally have a kid’s room that is presentable, I also remember how important it is for the space to be comfortable and reflect the young person who lives here – you can see JJ’s art and collections are part of the charm!

We had a fun visit with my dad, and now JJ and his army of stuffies have moved back in!


Julie AKA “Jewels”

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