Recipe for a Stylish Boy’s Room

We have two rooms for the three boys: one big shared room and a small bedroom that was J’s nursery and is now our tween’s.

The big room has been slow to come together. Little boys interests change so often, not to mention that they are tornadoes that leave a mess in their wake.

I’m now ready to make a push to polish their space. As I discussed in this post on my steps for designing a room, and inspired by the Design Cookbook, here’s my recipe for the little boys’ room.

  1. Main color palette of navy and light neutrals
  2. Natural materials like wood, metal, and leather
  3. Whimsical accents like bunting in red and other fun colors
  4. Eclectic gallery wall with elements like a paper mache bust, kids art, and quotes
  5. Hideout area
  6. An unexpected sophisticated touch such as wallpaper or a luxurious fabric

I developed this recipe by collecting my favorite images on a Pinterest board.

Here are some of my favorite inspiration rooms:

Photo by Julia Lynn design by Jenny Keenan

From Design Sponge

From New York Cottages and Gardens

And here’s a list of projects I’ve already done for our boys’ room:

I’m looking forward to showing you the latest updates soon!


Hot Wheels Birthday Party

Vroom! Vroom! When JJ turned four, we celebrated by playing with Hot Wheels!

Decorations: To set the theme, I decorated our house with balloons and a Hot Wheels birthday banner. IMG_2889.PNG


  • Car Wash: bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles!
  • Race Course: the kids used sidewalk chalk to create their own race tracks


We managed some themed food, too:

  • Traffic light – strawberries, green grapes, and pineapple
  • For the cake, a giant chocolate bundt cake made a great tire!

Party favors:


Happy birthday, big boy!


Kids’ Upcycled Easter Garland

We had a great time celebrating Easter with my sister’s family last year. I had wanted to make a garland with the kids, and a stack of drawings was the perfect starting point! Why leave all those creations hidden in a pile when we could hang them up to enjoy?

Kids' Upcycled Easter Garland | Jewels at Home

I made two templates out of cardboard: an egg and a bunny face. With older kids, you could add more shapes, but our three- and four- year olds barely managed with the egg, so this was perfect for us.

J and his cousins chose drawings and created some new ones. We traced the shapes and then cut them out. I made two small vertical slits at the top of each egg or bunny, and we threaded some ribbon through.

It was great to see these preschoolers practicing their fine motor skills and helping each other to put together our Easter decorations.

Kids' Upcycled Easter Garland | Jewels at Home  Kids' Upcycled Easter Garland | Jewels at Home

Hoppy Easter!


Star Wars Birthday Photo Booth

Our photo booth that made its first appearance at our Mad Men party a few years ago is becoming a staple at our parties.

I started with an iPad for the camera, backdrops, and props. As time has gone on, we have added more backdrops and props, as well as a tripod and a Canon SELPHY Photo Printer for instant gratification!

For L’s birthday this year, we decorated with a Star Wars theme – like everyone else, we were all just a little excited about The Force Awakens!

I found some printable Cut-out masks for props: 

As a party favor, I decorated simple picture frames for the kids, so they could display the photos from the booth. For this project, I used

Add some Star Wars stickers, and the kids were able to bring home some very special souvenirs!

I’m looking forward to trying out more fun themes at parties to come! What ideas do you have?




Rainbow Pom Pom Trim Scarf

Sometimes I get into little craft obsessions. For a while, I couldn’t stop sewing appliqués on things, and then there was felting… Ever since I made the pom-pom wreath for our retro mid-century Christmas, I’ve been obsessed with pom-poms. It feels like there isn’t anything that wouldn’t be improved by some pom-poms!

At K’s soccer game, I saw one of our friends had a cute scarf with pom-pom trim, and I thought it would be fun to make my own! Of course, it would not be a true obsession if I made just one… The first set of scarves I made were for my nieces for Christmas. These are pink wooly scarves with rainbow pom-pom trim. So cute! I have enough trim left over to make myself an infinity scarf after Christmas, if I’m feeling bold enough for these colors.

Living in California, I don’t need a lot of warm scarves, but the girls live on the East Coast, so I wanted to find them something cozy. After looking at a lot of different fabrics, I decided to buy these inexpensive solid-colored scarves to use as a base for this project.

The scarves are much bigger than I needed, and they’re also very thin, so I cut off the fringe and doubled the thickness. For the girls, the finished size is 6.5″x49″. Adding the fringe was pretty quick. I recommend using the zipper foot for your sewing machine.   

Off to add pom poms to something else!


Scrapbook Paper Christmas Ornaments

Every year, I make personalized Christmas ornaments for our family and friends. This is usually a simple project with store-bought ornaments. This year, I’m doing a little DIY, because I didn’t find anything quite right for our retro mid-century Christmas.

I’m making some clear globe ornaments to give to our local friends. For those that live further away, I wanted something easy to mail, so I was excited to find this inspiration for ornaments covered in scrapbook paper. Besides being pretty, these ornaments are lightweight, flat, and sturdy, so they’re perfect for sending to friends!

Scrapbook Paper Christmas Ornaments | Jewels at Home

Here’s how to do this cute project:

  • Paint the edges of the Unfinished Wood Ornaments with silver craft paint. The center will be covered in paper.
  • Print out names and the year on Clear Shipping Labels and then stick them in craft paper and cut them out. I cut matching circles for the back.
  • Use regular hole punch to cut the paper around the hole in the ornament.
  • Use Yes All-Purpose Stik Flat Glueto glue the paper to the ornaments
  • I used some very fine sandpaper to clean up the ornaments after the glue dried.

Scrapbook Paper Christmas Ornaments | Jewels at Home
Scrapbook Paper Christmas Ornaments | Jewels at Home To finish off, I added ribbons for hanging.

Scrapbook Paper Christmas Ornaments | Jewels at Home
Scrapbook Paper Christmas Ornaments | Jewels at Home  Scrapbook Paper Christmas Ornaments | Jewels at Home
Scrapbook Paper Christmas Ornaments | Jewels at Home

What fun to be able to send a bit of holiday cheer!


Easy Custom Fleece Christmas Stockings

I made the first of these stockings more than a decade ago, and how our little collection of stockings has grown over the years! I made the first ones when our oldest was born, and back then, it was just Steve, me, baby K, and our old dog Cooper. Over the years, I added extended family for the Christmases we hosted, two more babies, and now, I am very excited to add the stockings for my twin nieces!


  • fleece fabric (less than 1/2 a yard per stocking)
  • cuff fabric (only about 7″ long x about 20″ wide – I find scraps for this)
  • ribbon for hanging (5″ long; I also used scraps)
  • iron-on applique letters for name


Make a template for your stocking. I’ve included a half inch seam allowance on my pattern

Use the template to cut out two pieces of fleece.

With the right sides together, sew around the sides and bottom of the stocking, leaving about 7″ open at the back top. Clip the seam allowance around the curves.

Pattern for Easy Custom Fleece Christmas Stockings | Jewels at Home

Cut a cuff that is about 6.5″ tall and 10″ wide. Hem the cuff.

Sew the cuff to the top of the stocking, with the right side of the cuff facing the wrong side of the stocking, as shown.

Pattern for Easy Custom Fleece Christmas Stockings | Jewels at Home

Flip the cuff over as shown. I found it helped to pin it in place for the next step.

Pattern for Easy Custom Fleece Christmas Stockings | Jewels at Home

Line up the edge of the cuff and the stocking and slip your ribbon in, too, with the ends tucked into where you’ll see. Now sew up the last 7″ of the back of the stocking, sewing through the stocking, cuff, and ribbon.

Easy Custom Fleece Christmas Stockings | Jewels at Home

Flip your stocking right side out and iron on the letters!

Easy Custom Fleece Christmas Stockings | Jewels at Home

Easy Custom Fleece Christmas Stockings | Jewels at Home

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!


Personalized Globe Christmas Ornaments 2015

Every year, I create personalized ornaments for our family and friends. Usually, I keep it simple with some store-bought ornaments that I personalize with markets or fabric paint. Tip: the felt ornaments are great for mailing!

This year, I wanted to make globe ornaments that would fit with our retro mid-century theme and colors of red, pink, and turquoise.

Personalized Globe Christmas Ornaments | Jewels at Home
To make these ornaments, I used

The process is very simple:

  • I started by printing labels with the kids’ names and the year on them. I was able to fit two names on each label and then cut the labels into 2″x 2″ squares.
  • I then cut out and stuck each label onto scrapbook paper and punched out a circle around it. I punched a second blank circle in matching paper and glued them two pieces together.
  • These circles fit perfectly into the ornaments!
  • Add a ribbon for hanging and you’re done!

Personalized Globe Christmas Ornaments | Jewels at Home
Personalized Globe Christmas Ornaments | Jewels at Home  Personalized Globe Christmas Ornaments | Jewels at Home

Personalized Globe Christmas Ornaments | Jewels at Home
Personalized Globe Christmas Ornaments | Jewels at Home Since these ornaments would have been hard to mail, I also made some similar ones that are flat, for our friends who live out-of-town.

Scrapbook Paper Christmas Ornaments | Jewels at Home

Laundry Labels for the Littles

So, it doesn’t matter how many kids you have (well, I am not testing that theory, stopping at three), each one will come up with something new to keep you on your toes!

Our baby J has discovered how to (almost) outsmart his parents by hiding his socks all over the place, to avoid putting them in the laundry. Under the couch is a favorite spot, where I once found a full ten pairs! Under the sink also works…

While I play catch-up chasing him to get those stinky socks into the laundry hamper, I decided to make it easier for him by labeling our baskets with signs that a pre-reader can use.

The cute labels I originally made when I set up our laundry area wouldn’t work for J, since he hasn’t learned how to read yet. I thought of using pictures for the labels, but we are encouraging him to figure out his letters, so I thought these labels, with both letters and visual cues, would be perfect.

Laundry labels to help the littlest family members pitch in | Jewels at Home  Laundry labels to help the littlest family members pitch in | Jewels at HomeIn truth, I am not sure how much these labels will motivate our little monkey, but at the very least, they are brightening up our laundry room!